Are you looking for a high-quality hard-coated polycarbonate

Green Roofing offers premium hard-coated polycarbonate sheet products. Hard coated polycarbonate sheets provide protection against scratching and abrasion.

This anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet has an abrasion-resistant coating. It provides enhanced strength and abrasion resistance. The grade of the surface hardness can increase by 2-3 levels compared to the normal polycarbonate solid sheet. The sheets with a hard coating are ideal where good visibility is of paramount importance.

Features and benefits

  • Outstanding chemical resistance

  • Outdoor weather protection

  • Good Light Transmittance

  • Protection against scratching & abrasion

Typical application

  • Doors and windows
  • Bulletproof panel
  • Anti-Ballistic panel
  • Psychiatric hospitals

​Hard-coated polycarbonate comparison of physical properties 




 Brand: S Polytech

 Warranty:  10 years


 Color: Clear

 Applications: Roofing - Window - Hurricane protection - Bulletproof panel - Helmet

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